Comedian Ray Romano doubts he'll ever star in a network sitcom again now Everybody Loves Raymond has come to an end - because he wants to curse on camera.

Romano's show ended on Monday night (16MAY05) after a nine-year run, and the funnyman now plans to return to stand-up comedy and possibly do a show for US cable network HBO in the future.

He says, "As far as network sitcoms go, that's my legacy. So I don't want to touch that.

"Something like on HBO, it seems intriguing. I want to curse. Nine years. It's been nine years since I've cursed on camera."

Though Monday's series finale was filmed months ago, Romano admits he still hasn't adjusted to life without a steady job - and doesn't plan to.

He adds, "The unemployment thing is quite a drop... it hasn't sunk in quite yet. II'm not worried financially, but I have to get out of the house. I have four kids. I need a job."

21/05/2005 02:12