An upcoming movie exploring the sex life of SAINT TERESA OF AVILA has been slammed by the Catholic Church as sacrilegious. The 16th Century Spanish mystic is revered for her virginity, but director Ray Loriga is keen to probe an alternative view of the holy woman in TERESA: DEATH AND LIFE. He says, "So far everyone has been careful not to touch on certain uncomfortable subjects - her sexuality, her relationship with God, which was so close, nearly skin-to-skin. "These subjects were considered scandalous then and have not been studied much. They'll probably seem scandalous now, which does not say much for the progress made by the Catholic Church over the past centuries." However, BENEDICTA WARD, a nun and one of the saint's biographers, insists the feature film is grossly fabricated. She says, "It's just imagination. The stress on her virginity and sexuality are entirely modern interests - as if she were living now. That's not fair. She is the greatest of the mystics. "It seems strange if they're treating her as a saint you pray to but are inventing things about her."