HANNIBAL star Ray Liotta is convinced he saw a spiritual being at the end of his bed one night, but remains positive about the scary experience.

The actor believes he has seen things not of this world on several occasions, but still isn't sure exactly what he saw.

Liotta says, "I've had experiences where I've been in a room and thought, 'My God, there's something in here.' I don't know if it was a ghost of whatever. It's happened a few times.

"I also remember waking from a dead sleep and feeling there was something not right. There was just this feeling in the pit of my stomach and I felt like I was seeing something. My point - that's a good thing: there's something going on after death.

"It was at the end of my bed. I just knew something was there, no question about it. It wasn't something that was concrete and visible as much as it was a feeling."