Moviemaker Ray Lawrence spent over two years negotiating with Aboriginal elders to use a sacred site in his stirring new movie Jindabyne. Lawrence shot a touching real-life funeral scene as the climax of the film, starring Gabriel Byrne and Laura Linney, but had to spend years getting permission to bring cameras to the area. Byrne explains, "It took him two-and-a-half years to negotiate permission from the Aboriginal people to film there. It's a very sacred place for them." And Byrne admits he was left stunned by what happened during the scene: "On the morning that we filmed that, in the middle of a valley, there was bright sunshine and not a wind in every direction. "But where the filming was to take place there was a mini tornado. "The leader of the Aboriginal group and Ray came to me and said, 'They Aborigines made that happen... You're talking about a people who can communicate mentally with each other of distances up to 3,000 miles."