R+B star Ray J lost a role in an independent movie with gospel star Yolanda Adams because of a leaked sex tape he directed and starred in. The singer, who is now romancing Whitney Houston, was puzzled when he was asked to audition over and over again for the role in the unnamed film - before producers came clean and admitted his saucy private life was too risque for the project. The sex tape that landed him in trouble was one he shot with ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian. He explains, "I felt like I shouldn't have had to audition because I'd worked with the casting director on a few movies. But I did it for him. "We were going through this whole thing and I was just like, 'I've got the part.' Then they called me and asked me, 'Yo, what's up with the sex tape? We know about it.' "Then they called me back and said, 'Well, Yolanda Adams is in the movie and this is gospel and we just can't do it.'" It's not the first time Ray J has caused controversy on a film set - his video for Wait A Minute was banned because he was drinking in a club under age, and cavorting sexually with Lil' Kim. He recalls, "I was all over Lil' Kim and all down in her legs and all over her breasts and stuff, so they thought it was a little over the top."