The woman who tried to 'out' Ray J as gay has apologised to the R&B singer after admitting she made up the rumours about his sexuality.
Monica Danger, who appeared on his VH1 series For the Love of Ray J, announced during a radio interview earlier this month (Jan10) that the star has been dating rapper Young Buck.
Ray J was forced to come forward and set straight the rumours - and now Danger is begging for his forgiveness, confessing she made up the lie after he failed to return her calls.
She says, "No, it's not true. I got mad and I overreacted. I can't get mad over little things anymore... I need to stop f**king up. I'll be the first to say that I am wrong and I was wrong. Ray J put me on and I will always respect him and love him for that. No matter who I'm dating. I'm sorry Ray, I love you. Do you forgive me?"