Ray J's car has been towed away following a row over his breakfast bill.

The 34-year-old singer paid an early morning visit to Kitchen24 in Hollywood following a late-night recording session, but got into a dispute when he lost the key to the self-starting vehicle, resulting in police being called.

Sources told TMZ that an employee called police to say Ray refused to pay his bill, while the 'One Wish' hitmaker also made a call saying his server wouldn't give him a receipt.

Ray couldn't find the key fob for the self-starting vehicle, but was close enough to the restaurant to get the car started and drove away before returning, saying he wanted to pay the bill.

He told the website: ''I wanted to pay my tab, I said I'd pay what I owe times two, just let me look for my key, she said I can't look for my key without the cops coming.''

The fob is still missing and the Mercedes-Benz has been towed away by the AAA.

And Ray is particularly upset as the vehicle doesn't belong to him, he bought it as a gift for fiancee Princess Love.

He added: ''I just bought this car for Princess and now Princess is coming in my car to pick me up, she's gonna be mad at me.''