Sad news was reported in the wake of the Billboard Music Awards that Ray J, former boyfriend of Whitney Houston, was hospitalized in what could well have had horrible echoes of his ex's passing - the star being found in his hotel room yesterday morning (May 21, 2012). Thankfully this was a case of exhaustion and dehydration rather than anything more sinister - J having undertaken a mammoth 32 hour round-trip to China for work purposes and then driving four hours to attend the star studded event
That can't have helped, and poor Ray J was put through the mill even further when having a bitter war of words with members of Houston's family at the event, according to Tmz. Pat Houston was the chief antagonist, the pair getting into quite the spat, and it's something that Ray J - still grieving for a woman who he felt extremely close to during their relationship - couldn't handle.
Apparently he was completely out of it as he was found in his hotel room, unable to get out of bed. Emergency services reacted quickly and took him straight to hospital. Though he seems to be ok now, he hasn't yet been released from hospital. Ray J was of course among those at the scene when Houston was carried out of her hotel on the eve of the Grammy Awards earlier this year, stopped from going inside the building as the whole tragic scene unfolded.