R+B singer Ray J has gone public with details of his romance with Whitney Houston in a new song, which also takes aim at the superstar's ex-husband Bobby Brown.
Ray J dated Houston - who is 17 years his senior - briefly in early 2007, while the I'm Every Woman star was going through her divorce from Brown.
And the 27-year-old singer has used a song on his new album All I Feel to taunt Brown, by insinuating his marriage to Houston failed as a result of his poor love-making techniques.
On the track Boyfriend, he sings, "Is that your wife, is that your shorty? Well I'm her boyfriend... I think the problem is you don't beat it right... Making love is cool, just pull her hair sometimes."
Meanwhile, Brown has adopted a more laidback view of Ray J's romance with Houston.
In his forthcoming tell-all autobiography Being Bobby Brown: The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But..., he writes of the affair: "For those of you who want to know, I'm aware of the fact that Whitney had been seeing Ray J, a very young R+B artist who is most famous for being the little brother of Brandy, the multi-platinum singing artist and TV star.
"Their relationship doesn't bother me. She's open to see whoever she wants to see, just like I can see who I want to see. I know the age difference between her and the little guy is 20 years, but to each his own. The only concern I had was how our daughter felt about the age difference. As long as she's cool with it, it's fine by me."