The Forever hitmaker was taken into custody late on Tuesday (30Aug16) after a lengthy stand-off with police, who had surrounded Brown's Tarzana, California home following allegations suggesting he threatened model Baylee Curran with a gun during a party.

Chris protested his innocence in a series of Instagram videos hours before his arrest, and after posting bail, declared "the world will see" his version of events in due time.

Ray J, who was hanging out at the R&B star's home late on Monday (29Aug16), insists there's no doubt in his mind that Brown, who spent the evening and the early hours of Tuesday discussing new work ideas with his pal, is not the gun-waving maniac police seem to think he is.

"Chris is my homie and I just can't let people just have this full pile of negativity going on with his name," Ray explains to Entertainment Tonight. "We were creating, we were getting tattoos. We was (sic) talking about my new project. We were talking about so many different positive things... so it just hurts my feelings when that gets derailed with stuff like that (assault allegations)."

He goes on to blast police officials for moving so quickly to arrest Chris, suggesting the media coverage of the story turned it into a bigger deal than it was.

"It hurts my feelings that you work so hard to try to get better, and a small little lint of a story that you don't even know is even real or not can affect you this much without even getting the facts," he continues. "That's not how the (legal) system is suppose (sic) to work. That's not what we vote for."

Ray J, who expressed his disappointment at the arrest in his own Instagram video, claims he saw no evidence of the allegedly threatening behaviour, and he is pouring doubt on Curran's side of the story.

"I have never seen that happen, and I was right there," he says. "The thing about it is, she can't be telling the truth when I'm telling you that certain things are wrong," he says. "Like, find the facts out first. You know what I'm saying? And that's all I'm saying."

Chris is free on $250,000 (£190,155) bail. He is scheduled to appear at the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center on 20 September (16) for arraignment.