Rapper Ray J has his R+B star sister Brandy to thank for saving him from a life of crime and killing when he became a member of Los Angeles' notorious Bloods gang.

Ray J, real name RAY NORWOOD, has revealed he got mixed up in Los Angeles' gang wars when he was living in Carson, California, as a teenager.

He tells urban magazine SMOOTH, "A lot of young black kids get caught up in the ghetto, and I did. But luckily, I was able to go tell my momma and Brandy right before anything crazy happened.

"I told them I was in a lot of trouble and I really wanted to get away because I felt something dangerous was going to happen. Something tragic. There was a lot of gunplay and I was getting shot at a lot.

"So I moved to North Hollywood with my godsister TRACY, and from there, I changed my life."

31/01/2005 21:24