Rocker Ray Davies plunged into such a traumatised state after quitting The Kinks in 1996, he could barely tune his guitar.

The WATERLOO SUNSET star always enjoyed a stormy relationship with his brother and former bandmate DAVE, but he had no idea working as a solo artist would be so hard.

The troubled mod icon even considered ditching rock and getting a regular day job, according to his brand new semi-fictional memoir X-RAY.

He says, "I've been in a band and I was part of the machinery. When you go in the studio without the usual musicians around and it's you and a click track, it's frightening.

"I was so nervous I couldn't even tune my guitar properly.

"I was going through tremendous personal and psychology issues. I had to justify why I was doing it to myself again. Why couldn't I just retire or get a day job?"

"The private turmoil culminated at the end of 2003 in a horrible crisis for me."