Ray Davies, frontman of The Kinks, is to release his new solo album free later this month.

Working Man's Cafe will be given away free with every copy of the October 21st edition of the Sunday Times.

Following the lead of diminutive music pioneer Prince - who released his newest album via the Sunday Mail in July this year - Davies' decision exemplifies the changing nature of The Music industry.

With the digital download market growing at a seemingly exponential rate, artists are forced to explore new avenues of reaching their audiences.

The alleged staggering success of Radiohead's online-only new album - it has been reported that 1.2 million people have ordered the band's seventh record In Rainbows from its exclusive download site - only goes to illustrate the current climate of today's recording industry.

Davies explained: "Personally, it's about reaching as many people as possible. I'm incredibly proud of this LP and am truly excited that 1.5 million copies will be distributed to people who'll hear it organically - the way it was intended."

He added: "It's an exciting opportunity I couldn't resist."

The album - recorded in Nashville and mixed in London - is set for a more conventional release the following week.

12/10/2007 13:28:33