LATEST: The mother of Ray Charles' youngest son is blaming the trustee of the late musician's estate for her need to sue increased child support payments.

According to court documents filmed by MARY ANNE DEN BOK recently, Joe ADAMS, the trustee of the Ray Charles estate and an executive of RAY CHARLES ENTERPRISES, began denying funds to 16-year old COREY after his father's 10 June (04) death.

According to the documents, Corey received $3,000 (GBP1,600) a month, but when Charles was alive he spent tens of thousands of dollars more for Corey's tuition and other expenses. Now that Charles has passed away, Corey is only receiving the $3,000 a month again, according to his mother.

Mary Anne insists she holds no ill feelings toward Charles, stating she cared for him right up until his death, preparing special meals and transcribing Braille. She claims she even gave up work for nine months so she could help him.

She tells American TV show CELEBRITY JUSTICE, "I was the one person who didn't have her hand out. RC would not have a problem with what I'm doing."

Mary Anne wants the current monthly payments increased to at least $60,000 (GBP33,300).

25/08/2004 03:10