Ray Charles' 12 children have blasted the organisers of an upcoming tribute concert - for not inviting them to perform.

Mary J Blige, SIR Elton John, Norah Jones and Stevie Wonder are among the stars who will perform Charles' classics at a star-studded concert in Los Angeles tomorrow night (08OCT04), but the soul star's kids claim they've been left off the bill.

One of the 12, REVEREND ROBERT ROBINSON, admits he's appalled at the way his siblings have been treated since the death of the blind musician.

He says, "We wanted people to know that he had a family, and that he was a family man."

It's the latest family controversy thrown up since Charles' death in June (04) - the mother of the soul man's youngest child COREY recently filed court papers accusing her late lover's manager, Joe Adams, of denying Corey the financial support Ray intended to provide for him.

Robinson says the public is getting the wrong idea about Ray's relationship with his children: "He supported my ministry when I was ordained. All the other kids, he supported us through school. That was a big thing with him. He walked all my sisters down the aisle when they got married. He was just a father."

07/10/2004 21:15