Rapper Ray Benzino has hit out at hip hop for glorifying Eminem.

Benzino believes that 8 MILE star Eminem is taking away sales from black rappers and it is easier for him to get on the radio because he is white.

The pair have had a long-running feud. Benzino recorded the song PULL YOUR SKIRT UP to insult Eminem and his rival responded with NAIL IN THE COFFIN and I DON'T WANNA.

Now Benzino, co-owner of black music magazine SOURCE, says, "We have to do a certain type of song to get on the radio. Now that the powers that be have somebody whose skin colour they can relate to, everything is fine.

"Nobody is saying anything about Eminem and what he is rapping about. We get censored all the time when we talk about our asses being beat by the police or other injustices."

Benzino adds that he doesn't begrudge people who like Eminem and won't turn his magazine against him.

He adds, "I don't get into the editorial aspect of the magazine. I'm sure there are Eminem fans up at The Source. The magazine goes out to a lot of people. I'm not trying to get people to stop f*****g with Eminem. I'm telling them to start f*****g with everyone else."