Indian legend Ravi Shankar laughs off suggestions of recording with his daughter NORAH JONES - because they don't share the same musical taste.

The 83-year old was estranged from Grammy winner Jones for eight years after he acrimoniously split with her mother - but although they pair are now on speaking terms again, there will never be a family album.

He explains, "When she was 10, her mother wanted to be not found. Norah met me again when she was 18. She's not at all into Indian music.

"The music she is famous for, what she has grown up with in America with her mother, is pure jazz and country-and-western music.

"She has heard me, that's all, she might be having this Indian music in her gene, but definitely she doesn't know at all, so there's no question of us trying to do anything."

15/05/2003 13:46