Ravi Shankar's fellow musician daughter ANOUSHKA refuses to be pressured by people's expectations of her caused by her father's success.

The stunning artist is aware some audiences will expect her to take her father's work to a new level - but she's wants to be her own woman.

She says, "There are supporters who love my father's music so much that they see me as this kind of torch bearer and want me to carry on his legacy. That is one kind of pressure because they need me in some way to be a second him, which I find a bit ridiculous."

Instead, the 21-year old is concentrating on the incredible effect that her music has on her life.

She says, "I think I seek out intensity in everything, whether it's pleasure or pain. I just love to live in a very alive way, and in music in the same way, playing the sitar is one of those areas where I can reach certain depths of feeling which you don't come to too easily."

15/05/2003 13:46