Ratt bassist Robbie Crane has quit the band after 15 years.
The musicians recently confirmed they will be returning from hiatus this year (12) for a new album and a tour, but they will be hitting the road without Crane, who will now be focusing on his side-project band Lynch Mob.
He tells Arizona radio station 93.3 Kdkb, "I've been playing in Lynch Mob since October of 2010. It's a thing that I've always loved doing, and I love playing with the band. As of recently, I've moved on from Ratt - I definitely quit Ratt - and I let them all know that.
"But you know what?! It's not because of Lynch Mob. I'd been with Ratt for 15 years and it was time to move on. I love being in Lynch Mob and this is where my heart's at."