The drummer has been experiencing back issues for several years and has scheduled his procedure for next month (Mar17).

"Hey all : I got this MRI last week," he wrote on Facebook earlier this week (ends24Feb17). "Having some bad s**te (sic) coming to the roads end on my back. Alot (sic) of people that have been to shows last year, and 2013 Tours, have noticed or folks I've talked to, have noticed me having some issues moving about. Not so much in performance mode, too much adrenaline going on at that time, but just generally. I've been getting epidural spine injections for 6 years. Then went into "sound frequency" nerve burns. That's fun I can tell ya. None are working. Now it's surgery time... So, after the next show on 3/18th... I'M IN TWO DAYS LATER..."

Blotzer is currently embroiled in a legal battle with the former members of Ratt after falling out with bandmates Stephen Pearcy, Juan Croucier and guitarist Warren DeMartini over the group's trademarks. The trio reunited on stage in Minnesota earlier this month (Feb17) and Blotzer was replaced by drummer Jimmy DeGrasso.

In December (16), Blotzer had to scrap a show in Michigan after Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort bosses received a cease-and-desist letter from lawyers representing Pearcy, DeMartini, and Croucier. Blotzer began touring as the Ratt Experience in 2015, and then dropped the 'Experience' annoying his former bandmates.

However, Blotzer expects the legal battle to be over by the early summer (17).

"So as we mop up this litigation, I'll be back out with Ratt , around middle late June," he continued.