Rashida Jones has admitted that she brought a little bit of her past relationship experience to her latest movie, Celeste and Jesse. Rashida stars alongside the Saturday Night Live comedian Andy Samberg in the indie romantic comedy, which follows a couple of former high school sweethearts as they navigate a tricky break-up and their relationship evolves as they attempt to maintain a connection, whilst dating other people.

"Celeste is controlling, judgmental, self-righteous, obsessed with being right," Jones, 36, told New York Daily News. "There are some elements of her that are me, but hopefully I've softened a little as I've gotten older." In addition to that, Rashida had someone on set with whom she was able to relate to the complicated storyline. She dated co-writer Will McCormack for around three weeks and the pair then had to navigate their way back to becoming friends, just as Celeste and Jesse do in the movie.

They've managed to do a pretty good job of it though, as Rashida explains, "Will and I probably spend more time together than married people do. We're annoying to our friends." Jones is keen that the move isn't stereotyped as a typical rom-com though; "We wanted to push beyond," she explained, talking about the conventions that usually confine the genre and added "You know, like when you see movies where people are nursing a breakup and their life is still luxurious and romantic, and they still look great in the morning."