Movie legend Raquel Welch is rethinking her life after being strongly affected by Mel Gibson's new movie The Passion Of The Christ.

The "fragile" actress stayed away from cinemas when the film came out in America because she was worried it was too violent, but she has since seen the movie - and it has changed her life.

She says, "I felt that he (Gibson) has given the world a great gift by this movie. It humbled me. I was shook up a lot by it. It's a humbling experience.

"I can understand why lots of people in the Jewish community would be concerned about it in a way, but that's not what I brought out of the movie.

"I'm a thin-skinned person... I'm a little fragile and I understand why everybody talks about the violence - this was excruciatingly hateful, wicked violence against a man who did not resist, call out, get angry with them, malign them, defend himself.

"I don't know much about the scriptures but I went right home and picked up THE BIBLE to see if what had been described was there in the Bible and it was - every scrap of it.

"I came away thinking human beings need to be humble and so much less selfish in this world, especially now. It's terribly important for us to all stop being so self-centred.

"My lifestyle is completely self-serving and self-centred because I'm a performer. At this point in my life I wonder why I had to choose that kind of a life. It would been more useful to be more giving, rather than achieving something for my life."

30/04/2004 19:35