Soul legend Raphael Saadiq has been inspired to vote in Tuesday's (04Nov08) U.S. presidential elections by Democrat Barack Obama - because he's "the best person for the job".
The former Lucy Pearl star admits he failed to exercise his civic duty in 2004's general election between Democrat John Kerry and Republican George W. Bush.
But he is determined to use his vote when America goes to the polls on Tuesday, because he is genuinely moved by Obama.
Saadiq tells WENN, "I think it means a lot for the black community... (but) more than that, more than it being about a black president, it's more about being the best person for the job. He's a black president and everybody's gonna look at it like, 'Oh, we got a black president', but it's more than that.
"(It's about) having someone in office that you can hold accountable. If he does get elected, if he wins, he's gonna have a hard job.
"A lot of people who never voted before now feel that they've got a voice and they should get out and vote. Obama's probably the biggest celebrity because look at all the people last year (sic) who didn't vote; I didn't vote last time 'cos I knew Bush was gonna be back in there, that's not a great reason not to vote, but sometimes people aren't motivated to vote.
"(This year) I'm voting because I see someone who I believe in... Some of the things he says are more relevant to people's causes."