Rankin would consider breaking his no-weddings rule for Kate Moss.

While The Fashion photographer has always refused to act as official photographer at weddings because he finds the pressure too great, he would step in if close pal Kate Moss - who will marry Jamie Hince in July - asked him to photograph her nuptials.

He said: "You don't say no to Kate but she wouldn't ask me - she'll probably get Mario [Testino]. If she did ask though, I'd tell her to get back up as well as me. I'd be so nervous , and not just because it's her - for anyone it's a really special day. There's too much pressure on it and so much stress seems to surround weddings. I always say no to photographing family weddings - I'll always set up a studio on the day but I won't take pictures all day. You don't want to mess it up."

If Rankin - who along with photographing Kate has worked with Sienna Miller, Heidi Klum and Vivienne Westwood - does decide to take pictures of Kate's wedding he should find it easy as he revealed he learned his craft by taking pictures of family and friends.

He told vogue.co.uk "I was studying accountancy at Brighton University and I was surrounded by lots of art students when I thought I should be doing something more expressive. I was given a camera for my 21st birthday and just started taking pictures of my girlfriend and of my friends. Then I quit uni and started redoing my A-levels again. It was great."