Celebrity photographer Rankin has vowed never to work with Atomic Kitten again - because the pop trio are "f***ing stupid".

The unhappy snapper has vented his dislike for Liz Mcclarnon, Jenny Frost and Natasha Hamilton after snapping them in their early days, saying that working with them was the lowest point of his career.

Rankin says, "I wouldn't shoot them again. I always slag them off because they always slag me off saying I'm a misogynist.

"I'm not, but they're so f***ing stupid they think I am. I couldn't like women or respect them more.

"It's because I was saying, 'Do this and do that,' then their manager came in and I was trying to make these young girls feel confident. It was their first proper shoot.

"Later someone tells me they called me a misogynist w*****. They're just dumb. The lowest point of my career was photographing them."

17/06/2003 13:53