Country singer Randy Travis has found himself in yet another legal fiasco, this time after being busted for fighting someone in the car park of a Texan church.
Randy was charged with simple assault after intervening in an argument taking place between his current girlfriend, Mary Beougher, and her estranged, unnamed, husband outside the Prestonwood Baptist Church in a suburb of Dallas. Prior to some reports that stated that Randy was drunk as a skunk when the scuffle took place have since been shot down by a police statement and by Travis' lawyer, who told Dallas Morning News that, rather than being involved in a drunken brawl, Travis was instead "like the knight in shining armour."
This is Randy's third bust-up with the law this year, the first one coming in February when he was arrested and charged with public intoxication in a church car park, different to the one he was arrested in this week. Although he has since apologised for this altercation, he has yet to apologise for the occurrence that took place on August 7th, when police found him asleep by the side of the road, completely nude. He is believed to have fled from a car crash on the same night and upon his arrest police described him as being under "several signs of intoxication".
So far this year Travis has struggled to stay away from the courthouses, as he has been embroiled in two legal battles with his ex-wife and former manager as well as his three brushes with the law. Early this year his former wife of 19-years, Elizabeth Travis, sued Randy for "intentionally interfering with" her managerial responsibilities following the couple's divorce in 2010. Her Randy then countersued her in May, alleging his former wife and manager had sabotaged his carer.