Country music star Randy Travis has filed a lawsuit against his girlfriend's brother and estranged husband.

The troubled singer got into an altercation with Ritchie Beougher and his girlfriend Mary's sibling, William Barnes Davis, back in August (23Aug12) after allegedly trying to defend her and her daughter, Cavanaugh, during a family dispute that erupted outside a church in Plano, Texas.

Travis was charged with misdemeanour simple assault, but he pleaded not guilty in December (12) and filed a lawsuit against the pair in Collin County last week (begs14Jan13), claiming he was injured and humiliated during the brawl.

The singer is seeking unspecified damages, and his attorney, Larry Friedman, tells the Dallas Morning News, "This lawsuit was filed as a statement against bullies here and everywhere... Randy Travis stood up to the bullies in an effort to protect the two girls and was assaulted and victimised by the Defendants as a result of his heroic effort to save Mary and Cavanaugh from an unwarranted assault by Mary's estranged husband and his employee and cohort, who happens to be her brother. This is the legal vehicle that was chosen to right these wrongs."

Meanwhile, on Friday (18Jan13), the Grammy winner reached a plea deal with prosecutors in the case and agreed to serve 90 days of deferred adjudication in exchange for agreeing to meet a set of unspecified requirements during the three-month period.

This is the latest in a string of legal problems for the star - he still faces charges of driving while intoxicated relating to an incident in the state.