Randy Travis has added to his woes today, after it emerged the troubled singer was involved in a scuffle with an unnamed man in a church car park somewhere in Texas early this morning.
According to Tmz, one onlooker has said that Travis appeared "extremely intoxicated" during the fight, which allegedly involved a girl. Travis was busted after police arrived at the church around 1am (Cdt) after following a tip about two men fighting in the parking lot. The multi-platinum singer and sometimes actor has yet to appeal to the claims that it was him at the scene of the fight, and any attempts to reach the troubled entertainer have been unsuccessful so far. Randy has been involved in a number of alcohol-related troubles this year, with this latest incident doing little to downplay the thought that he is struggling with alcoholism.
He was arrested for Dwi earlier this month after police responded to a call saying there was a man lying naked in the middle of the road, the man turned out to be Travis who was later found to have fled the scene of a nearby car crash. Travis was also busted back in February this year for more church-based public intoxication after he was found drunk and in the seat of his car at another church parking lot. Travis was ordered to pay a fine after his first offence and was placed on a 90-day probation that expires September 23, 2012. Travis divorced his ex-wife Lib Hatcher on October 29th, 2010 after 19 years of marriage.