Randy Quaid and his wife EVI QUAID are due to attend a court hearing in California today (2nd November 2010), although it still remains to be seen whether the pair will choose to stay in Canada where they have sought asylum, reports the Associated Press. The Quaids' are due to attend the hearing on felony vandalism charges, however, they recently stated that their intention was to stay in Vancouver.
60-year-old Quaid has built up somewhat of a reputation for missing court appearances, and in recent weeks he has spoken out about the alleged 'Hollywood star whackers' that are apparently out to kill him. In September, the Quaids' were found living in a guesthouse of a home they previously owned. When the current occupiers called the authorities, the couple insisted that they still owned the property. In mid-October, the Quaids' missed an initial court hearing and were arrested a few days later in Canada, where they sought asylum.
A prosecutor said yesterday (November 1st 2010) that the hearing remained scheduled, but the couple's attorney, ROBERT SANGER, declined to comment on whether or not they would be attending.