Randy Quaid and his wife EVI QUAID remain in jail after being arrested on outstanding warrants in California last week. Despite an Immigration and Refugee Board clearing the couple for release on $10,000 bail each, the border agency confirmed yesterday (25th October 2010) that the pair will remain in custody, reports The Globe & Mail.
After the hearing, EVI QUAID said that she and her husband were currently seeking asylum in Canada due to "murderous rings in Hollywood" who are seeking to kill them. Earlier, the Oscar-nominated Quaid had said, "I wanted to restart my career and get it going again. Vancouver seemed like a good place to do it". Mrs Quaid also used the hearing to bring up concerns about the fate of her dog, which had been travelling with the pair. Authorities confirmed that in line with border-agency procedures, pets accompanying detained persons would be placed in the care "of an appropriate animal shelter", and an official at the City of Vancouver confirmed that a shelter had been holding the puppy since last Friday.
Last week, the Quaid's announced via their lawyer that they were requesting asylum from "Hollywood Star Whackers", who were making their way through a 'celebrity death list'. It is currently unclear for how much longer the couple will be detained for.