Insiders believe 'American Idol' will struggle to attract A-List judges next season.

While Randy Jackson has quit and producers are reportedly hoping to replace his fellow judges Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban to boost falling ratings next year, insiders believe they won't find it easy to attract top talent.

A source told Naughty But Nice Rob: ''No big star wants to be associated with a dying show. Who wants to be the one that killed 'Idol' while they were the judge?

''If less people watch, you make less money and can pay your talent less. It is as simple as that.

''Gone are the days of $18 million contracts like Mariah got. Now the judges will be lucky to get five million. And lets face it, five million isn't going to get you Alicia Keys, it's going to get you Debbie Gibson.''

Meanwhile, the singing competition's 13th season will return to a three judge format for the first time in five years in a bid to combat the Fox show's declining ratings.

Kevin Reilly, Fox's entertainment chairman, said: ''The format will have fresh twists for next season.''

Kevin went on to hint the expanded middle rounds were likely to be revamped since he believes they are responsible for dwindling viewing figures.