The Like a Cowboy singer kicked off his We Went Tour in Corbin, Kentucky, but the first show was marred with drama as he spotted a brawl in the crowd while performing his new song Fired Up.

In fan footage from the incident, Houser can be seen intervening in the fight from the stage, telling the men, "Hey brother, cut that s**t out right now, would you?"

Houser signaled to his musicians to stop the music, and said to the man, "Hey, you've got to go, brother. In the Ford hat... you got to go, son. We don't have none of that s**t (fighting) here. We're here to have a good time."

The audience cheered the singer as security guards took the troublemaker outside, and Houser returned to the microphone and said, "Sorry, y'all... there's an a**hole in every crowd."