Altman's attorney, Larry Iser, sent the letter to Paul's campaign manager, Chip Englander, earlier this month (Jan16), requesting for the advertisement to be removed from Paul's, and pages. Iser is also seeking compensation for the use of the track and violations of Altman's right of publicity, according to

Iser filed a previous letter last month (Dec15) and Paul's campaign officials responded by agreeing to remove the ad. However, Iser claims it is still available for viewing. He states if Paul fails to honour the letter, they will file a lawsuit.

"It is appropriate and consistent with the Constitution and our laws that, going forward, the campaign obtain licenses and permissions for the use of all third party copyrighted materials in the campaign, and that Senator Paul and the campaign recognize their immediate obligation to properly compensate Mr. Altman for the unauthorized use of his works," Iser writes.

"The Campaign responded, out of courtesy, to Mr. Altman's request several weeks ago by removing the video from its YouTube account, and the video does not appear on any of the Campaign's social media pages," Doug Stafford, the campaign's chief strategist, responds. "At this point, it appears that the only reason this lives on is so that Mr. Altman can pursue a political agenda or so his trial lawyers can frivolously chase a windfall."