A museum dedicated to the Ramones is to open its doors on Friday (16SEP05) in Berlin, Germany.

The memorial will house over 300 items of memorabilia, including a pair of the late Johnny Ramone's jeans, frontman Joey Ramone's famous leather glove and early T-shirts.

A flattered Marky Ramone admits he's thrilled about the project, which has been set up by a Ramones superfan, called FLORIAN.

He says, "The guy who started the museum in Berlin is a huge Ramones fan. In fact, every time I would come there, he would be at the shows, and he must have attended every show we played in Germany."

And he's stunned by some of the memorabilia Florian has collected over the years.

Ramone tells www.Billboard.com, "(There are) things that I'm amazed that he has... I was amazed at all the effort put into it. It takes a lot of work and time.

"But Florian has enough for two museums. He really is a big collector.

"I wish Johnny, Joey, and DEE DEE were alive to see this, because they would be very flattered like I am."