The Ramones drummer was part of a tough education system in New York City in the 1960s and alleges he was regularly beaten, slapped, and verbally insulted in the classroom.

After finding fame with his first band, Dust, Ramone was asked by one of his former teachers to perform at a benefit concert but he was so bitter about his school years he refused, and the rocker is adamant he would still say no to the offer.

He tells the Miami New Times, "You know, at that age, in high school, you're a pretty impressionable teenager in life, and when teachers start smacking you and slapping and kicking you around, and being condescending towards you - I remember that. And it really affected me.

"So yeah, I definitely wouldn't go back on my word, because you can't just say you're sorry and think everything's going to work out, you know? But nah, I wouldn't do it today, because of the abuse. But teachers are different today; they're much better, and they're more concerned with each individual...

"The way they treated me... I didn't like the fact that I was manhandled and slapped and pushed around. I think you don't do that to a 15-year-old kid, you know? There's other ways of getting the message across besides being physical."