German rockers Rammstein have forced a popular fan-website to shut down because they feared it prevented their own website from making money.

The website RAMMSTEINFAN.DE.COM was closed last weekend (30JULY04) after the metal band's management ordered the rival website's administrator SebastiAn ZEPPER to sign a temporary injunction, forbidding him from posting "content related to Rammstein as well as band photos".

The DU HAST band are now begging their followers to visit their own website - where the fan area requires a subscription fee.

Ironically during an internet "fan chat" Rammstein founder RICHARD KRUSPE-BERNSTEIN insisted, "The fans are the heart of Rammstein, if you stop beating, Rammstein will be no more."

Last week (26July04) Rammstein released their first single MEIN TEIL from their forthcoming album.

02/08/2004 17:29