LATEST: German rockers Rammstein have warned the press to stop letting their "greed for news" stand in the way of accurate reporting after falling victim to media lies earlier this week (16Jul07). In a statement reportedly issued by the band's management company on Monday (16Jul07), it was announced frontman Till Lindemann had left the band and former KMFDM star En Esch was to take his place. The band swiftly assured fans the press release was an elaborate hoax, and Esch later confirmed this too. But Rammstein aren't letting the matter rest. A statement on the group's official website blasts the press for not considering the repercussions of fake news, branding reporters too "greedy". It continues, "Poor En Esch was shocked to learn he would have to step into Till Lindemann's footsteps. I hope he and the fans of the band will recover soon from this false report."