Ralph Lauren has unveiled its vintage line.

The American fashion house has RL Vintage and it features pieces hand-picked from the brand's extensive archives and has been launched with its own e-commerce site, to allow customers to shop for the pieces online.

Ralph Lauren said: ''I am happy to welcome you to RL Vintage, a very personal experience for collectors who share my love of craftsmanship, patina, heritage and personal style. Since my childhood, I have been drawn to old things: faded workshirts, weathered jean jackets, military uniforms, Navajo blankets, handcrafted furniture, paintings, photographs and all kinds of vintage vehicles - from a dented pickup to a bold Bugatti. I love their stories, each artist's hand and their enduring style. These are the things that have inspired everything I do.''

Each season, the designer will select different rare pieces from the Ralph Lauren archives and curate them within a theme - the first being The Western Collection.

Ralph added: ''Not only will we offer these unique items, but we'll also share with you their individual history. Because the passion of collectors is always inspiring, we will seek them out and share their journey of discovery with you, as well.''