Ralph Lauren to be honored with a Members Salute at the 2018 CFDA Awards.

The 78-year-old designer's eponymous brand is celebrating 50 years since its founding and the Council of Fashion Designers of America will commemorate the designer's impact on the fashion industry and his global success with a special tribute at the ceremony held on June 4 - on behalf of the 500-plus members - and chairwoman Diane Von Furstenberg says the tribute to Ralph will be a ''perfect moment''.

Furstenberg told Vogue US: ''From starting with a tie at Bloomingdale's to building a global brand, I respect and admire everything that Ralph Lauren stands for, including his philanthropy and kindness, this is the perfect moment for CFDA members to salute this icon of American fashion.''

This will be the first CFDA council members salute, but Ralph has been honored by the organization in the past with the Lifetime Achievement Award in 1992, and the CFDA American Fashion Legend Award in 2007 after first starting his business by selling ties under the same name in 1967.

He went on to establish Ralph Lauren Polo in 1978 with an exclusive collection in Bloomingdales - the same department store which sold his first ever tie - and created one of Americas most thriving fashion empires with a collection of womenswear, childrenswear, home good, fragrance and eyewear and his iconic polo T-shirts with the embroidered logo even inspired other brands to adopt the same design idea.

Speaking previously about his achievements as a designer, he insists his success has come from always improving on his ideas and designs.

He said: ''I've always said that if it looks better next year than it does this year, then I've done the job right.''