Ralph Lauren makes sure all his designs are "functional".

The designer says every item in his fashion empire follow a certain trend and says he is often inspired by cars because they are practical yet stylish.

Talking about his new Ralph Lauren Sporting watch, he said: "I'm inspired by functional things, things that are there for a purpose instead of there for decoration. This is a classical, beautiful watch that has never been done before, never seen any kind of influence but my influence."

Ralph says one of the reasons he started deigning watches was because he knows how much they mean to people and are classic pieces.

He told Britain's The Times newspaper: "I was never someone who goes all over the world collecting watches. I have likes. Over the years looking for certain things I got to love certain watches, and it doesn't really matter if they are a Rolex or a Cartier, they have a message to me; their aesthetic, the look, the dials, the space. Watches are something that you hold on to because they carry memory. You hand them down."