British actor Ralph Fiennes immediately accepted the role of LORD VOLDEMORT in the third Harry Potter movie when he saw sketches of the costume he'd wear if he took the part.

The RED DRAGON star, who had criticised the past two installments in the hugely popular series, is extremely excited about his role in HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE - and he admits that simple drawings persuaded him to accept the job.

He says, "I wrestled with it a bit because I didn't know the world of Harry Potter. Then after thinking about it I just thought it was a full-on, meaty villain, baddy.

"I've done realistic villains but something in that fantastical realm, children's realm, the dark Lord; I hadn't really done that before.

"When I saw some pictures that they drew for the look (of the character) that's when I took the bait. I thought it looked really cool. I think I'm doing the next one where I have a big fight with DUMBLEDORE."