Ralph Fiennes is grateful he can go on nice holidays.

The 49-year-old actor - who is currently single - insists he is not extravagant with the wealth he has earned from his career, but feels lucky not to have to worry about the cost of things.

He said: "I can eat out in restaurants and go on holiday that might be on The Higher end of the price range, and not have the anxiety of 'f**k! I've got to pay this off.' "

While he has few extravagances, Ralph recently splashed out on an iPad but only uses the gadget to help with his admin.

He explained "I use it just for cross-referencing scheduling, for addresses and for the constant flow of e-mails."

Ralph is the eldest of six children and says his parents - writer Jennifer Lash and farmer-turned-photographer Mark Fiennes - were very open about their financial problems when he was younger.

He said: "My parents were very open about what worried them. And I can still hear my mother saying, 'You don't understand, your father is so overdrawn.'

"And you get that a few times and you start taking on the anxiety of the parents."