Actor Ralph Fiennes has launched a foul-mouthed tirade against his fellow Brits, insisting they have a "depressing" obsession with the country's class structure.

The Schindler's List star was annoyed by recent comments from British actors Dame Helen Mirren and Andy Serkis who have bemoaned the lack of young working class stars and fear acting is now the preserve of the wealthy.

Fiennes has branded the debate "retarded" and he is adamant there are still plenty of roles available for actors from all backgrounds.

He tells Britain's Seven magazine, "This is so b**locky (rubbish), and all it is, is f**king England's obsession with class, and it's so depressing. And it's a media construct to run stupid articles about class this, posh actors that. It's so retarded to me, the discussion.

"It's not true. There are parts for everyone. It happens to be a couple of actors who are hitting the limelight at the moment who happen to have public school educations. It's depressing, it's this country's f**king ghastly Achilles' heel, its obsession with class. Good actors get work. Doesn't matter what their background."