Raleigh Ritchie is ditching acting to focus on his music career.

The 27-year-old actor - real name Jacob Anderson - is known for his portrayal of Grey Worm in hit HBO fantasy drama 'Game of Thrones', but has said once he's finished filming the show he isn't planning on continuing his acting career as he'd rather focus on releasing new music.

He said: '''Game of Thrones' has been so amazing everything else pales in comparison. I've not really done any other acting for four years. I'm concentrating on music, finishing my album, and then getting out on tour.''

And although he might not be too keen on acting, the hunk admits he will miss the popular franchise - in which he frequently appears alongside Emilia Clarke - when it comes to an end after it's eighth season.

Speaking to he Daily Star Sunday newspaper, Raleigh added: ''I'm really going to miss it. Not just making it with all the cast, but also watching it.''

Raleigh's dedication to music comes after his co-star Isaac Hempstead Wright - who plays Bran Stark - said he would love to team up with a number of the cast members to form a band, although he thinks there could be some rows about the sort of material they would produce because they all have different tastes.

He said: ''We've got Natalia Tena (Meera Reed), who has a band. Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Jojen Reed) is in a band, and he plays guitar.

''We've got Jacob Anderson, Grey Worm, who's a rap artist. We've got DJs, too.

''Kristian Nairn (who played Hodor), of course, is a top-notch DJ, and he used to play the organ. So it's quite nice.

''We used to joke that Bran and Hodor should start their own musical troupe, so how cool would it be if we formed a 'Game of Thrones' band?

''We need to get together and jam. Hodor and Bran and Jojen and Meera jamming along with Coldplay. That would be insane!

''The thing is, we're all from very different musical backgrounds, so there might be some in-fighting there.''