Raleigh Ritchie always gets quizzed about his penis.

The 27-year-old singer-and-actor is best known for his role in 'Game of Thrones' as Unsullied warrior Grey Worm, and because his character is a eunuch, he always faces intimate questions about his own manhood.

He admitted: ''I get penis questions every single interview I do [because of 'Game of Thrones']. There you go, there was no penis questions and now I've made it all about penises.''

'Game of Thrones' is set to come to an end next year after eight seasons, and Raleigh admitted he will miss the show more as a viewer than one of the cast.

Speaking after his performance at the latest Belvedere Sunset Session in London on Tuesday (04.07.17) evening about the end of the series, he said: ''I'm going to miss it as a person that watches it.''

And the 'Bloodsport' singer - whose real name is Jacob Anderson - admitted he doesn't get much chance to hang out with his co-stars when they're not filming because their hectic schedule leaves them exhausted at the end of the day.

Asked if they hang out together after filming, he said: ''Yes, well not directly after because everyone is tired. At the end of a day everyone is knackered because they are all up at 4am but we hang out at parties and stuff. Everyone is busy...''

Away from 'Game of Thrones', Raleigh is working hard on his second album but isn't sure yet when it will be released.

He said: ''There isn't a release date, I'm finishing it [at the] end of summer. In an ideal world I would get it out by the end of summer but that might not happen. I hate promising things like that''

Raleigh delighted fans at the Belevdere Sunset Session with tracks from his 'You Are A Man Now' album 'Keep It Simple', 'Sicko', 'Life In A Box' / 'Stay Inside', 'Birthday Girl', 'Stronger than Ever' and 'Bloodsport'.

Throughout the summer Sky Garden's City Garden Bar will be hosting a range of UK talent at the Belvedere Sunset Sessions sessions running until September. The sessions were created to celebrate grass root talent and the natural ingredients of the Belvedere Spritz.