Rapper Rakim's abruptly quit Dr Dre's AFTERMATH RECORDS because he felt he wasn't treated with any respect, according to a former associate of the label.

At the time of Rakim's decision to move on earlier this summer (03), the hip-hop star's manager cited creative differences as the cause. But BIG CHUCK, a former vice president at Aftermath Records, claims it was because Rakim felt undervalued.

He explains, "I think Rakim got tired with that bulls***; he left. The God (Rakim) isn't going to sit around and be mistreated. You got to look at Rakim as a guy who changed hip-hop entirely. How do you sign him and then stick him in the studio with a C-list producer? That's disrespectful. Dre would throw him one track and not even sit in with him."

Rakim is presently fielding offers from several labels. The rapper hopes to release his new album, OH MY GOD, by early next year (04).

15/09/2003 02:52