Rapper Rakim is already back in the studio recording a new album after his horrific car crash last month (21JAN04).

The I AIN'T NO JOKE MC has re-examined his life since the accident in his native Connecticut and is more focused on his career than ever.

Rakim, whose real name is WILLIAM GRIFFIN JR, says, "An 18-wheeler came over into my lane. Hit me, spun me out. Almost threw me up into the woods. I managed to avoid the woods, but I hit a pole. I'm just fortunate to be here. I'm supposed to be somewhere sippin' soup.

"The accident happened the day after the anniversary of my father's death. It was so much going on, it's a sign. I gotta find out what it is. It might be to slow down, it might be 'do what you gotta do while you're here'. I had an angel in the car."

The rapper is back working on his album, despite having a swollen knee, back injuries and scratches to his face.

05/02/2004 17:24