Legendary rapper Rakim has left Dr Dre's AFTERMATH RECORDS, according to the label's website.

Rakim joined the label three years ago but never released his long awaited album, OH MY GOD.

Rakim's manager ZACH KATZ says in a statement, "He's already shopping a new deal. He's left Aftermath. They mutually decided to go their separate ways.

"There are reasons, but I really can't get into them, just basically creative differences. And he's already talking to other people. So that's really what it is."

Rakim's departure from Aftermath comes as a surprise because just two weeks ago the rapper claimed the wheels were in motion for his new release. He said, "Me and Dre, we about to do full-steam on it and hopefully we should have a single out towards the end of summer and the album will follow shortly after that. We finally got everything on track like we wanted."

20/07/2003 21:22