US funnyman Rainn Wilson is so desperate to land a part in a possible Miami Vice movie sequel he's appeared alongside the film's star Colin Farrell on TV dressed like detective SONNY CROCKETT. Crockett, played by Don Johnson, sparked a trend in the 1980s for pastel and white suits covering colourful T-shirts and the star of America's The Office decided to don his own Miami Vice attire when he joined Farrell on THE TONIGHT SHOW on Thursday (20JUL06). The quirky star wore white slip-on shoes, a white suit, pastel pink T-shirt and sunglasses, and asked Farrell, "Do you think (director) Michael Mann is watching the show tonight...? Do you think there's a sequel? Can I be in it? "I'm so cool, I do tan, come on. Put in a good word for me."