Actor Rainn Wilson has turned author after penning his first 'memoir'.

The Emmy Award nominee, who is best known for his role as awkward paper salesman Dwight Schrute on hit U.S. Tv show The Office, has teamed up with publishers at Dutton Penguin to release the book, which is currently untitled, next year (14).

A statement from the 47 year old reads, "Despite what my publisher might say, I wouldn't call my book a memoir. If I were in my 80s, had cured a disease and survived a war, I would be entitled to write a memoir. The guy who is best known for playing a paper salesman with a bad haircut, tweeting fart jokes and starting a quirky spirituality website does not merit a 'memoir'.

"For the time being, let's call it a 'Serio-Comic Examination of my Life in Art, Faith and Comedy. And beets'."